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About Us

Are you tired of those big and over priced business directories that fail to deliver on their promises?
Then welcome to aListed, Australias a no-fuss and affordable business directory!

Our services include;

  • Free Listings
  • Discount Listings
  • Paid Listings
  • Premium Listings

aListed was built in 2011 by a small group of internet marketing executives in responce to years of consulting clients on their experiences with both digital and print business directories.

Its no secret that with the introduction of new technologies, directories are not providing the return on investment they used to.

Thats why we built aListed differently!

  • aListed is easy ; anyone can sign up and register their business today in a few simple steps right away.
  • aListed is powerful ; we dont waste time with time wasting enhancments because they simply do not work for directory platforms. Instead, we leverage the power of social media to promote our clients businesses.
  • aListed is affordiable ; you can list your business with us at a fraction of the cost that other directories charge and to the same effect, so why waste time anywhere else?

So what are you waiting for?

Get connected and list your business today